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Thomas Harris
Technology Assessment Division

William J. Delmar, Jr., P.E.
Assistant Director
Engineering and Economic Evaluation

Paul Miller, P.E. 
Assistant Director
Energy Group

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Technology Assessment Division/State Energy Office

Within the Technology Assessment Division, the Engineering and Economic Evaluation Section has been a valuable source of information and technical assistance to the Legislature, Governor's Office, state congressional delegation, federal and local government agencies, and industry. The division produces a wide range of technical data, analyses, assessments, and forecasts while providing independent and timely engineering and economic information about the effects of changes or potential changes in the following energy and natural resources areas; supply, demand, utilization, technology, economics, and taxation.

Also within this division, the State Energy Office promotes the efficient use and management of energy in the state. It helps maximize Louisiana's energy potential by exploring all energy sources and by reducing current energy consumption through education, energy-use studies, and demonstrations of energy-efficient technologies.

The State Energy Office also serves as the primary manager of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. It coordinates the state's residential home energy efficiency program. 

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  Technology Assessment Division
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