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Office of Mineral Resources

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june 6, 2014


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About the Office of Mineral Resources

The Office of Mineral Resources was established to manage the state’s mineral assets and to provide staff to advise the State Mineral and Energy Board in granting and administering leases on state-owned lands and water bottoms for the development and production of minerals, primarily oil and gas, for the purpose of optimizing revenue to the State of Louisiana from the royalties, bonuses and rentals generated therefrom.

The Office of Mineral Resources is one of the largest receivers of state revenues.  The office receives revenues from royalties, bonuses, rentals, interest, and fees for leases on state-owned lands and water bottoms.  Revenues from these sources comprise approximately 15% of the state general fund.  In addition to the general fund, revenues collected also provide major sources of funding for parish governments, school boards, the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, and the Department of Natural Resources. 



Currently, the Office is headed by the Deputy Assistant Secretary, who also serves as the Secretary of the State Mineral and Energy Board.

The staff consists of professionals such as landmen, GIS personnel, geologists, engineers, accountants, auditors, attorneys and administrative employees who conduct the day-to-day operations of the Board's business and provide it with the information and technical advice necessary for the accomplishment of business at its monthly meetings.




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Department of Natural Resources
Office of Mineral Resources

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Department of Natural Resources
Office of Mineral Resources

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2014 - Force Majeure Memorandum


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How to Notify OMR when a BONA FIDE TITLE DISPUTE arises

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Louisiana is Proud to Be a Hub of Industry

Louisiana is Proud to Be a Hub of Industry

Doing Business Here Has Never Been Smarter.

For more than a century, Louisiana has proudly served as a hub of the oil and gas industry, and with a renewed focus on customer service and process efficiency, our future has never been brighter!
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