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Office of Conservation

Forms, Reports & Documents

This page contains links to various Office of Conservation documents of interest to the public, including data, forms, reports, publications, newsletters, and other items.

Forms Assistance >>

The Office of Conservation has begun to incorporate some forms that can be Filled-in, Saved & Printed using Adobe Reader. Look for the symbol in the table below for forms that have been converted to this format. Please refer to the Forms Assistance page for guidance in using these forms.

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>> Engineering Division >> Geological Division >> Pipeline Division

> Well History and Work Resume Report

DT-1 Gas Well Deliverability Test Excel   PDF
Gas Well Deliverability Test (Instructions)     PDF
DM-1R Oil Well Potential Report Test Excel   PDF
Oil Well Potential Report (Instructions)     PDF
Conservation Online Oil & Gas Database Query
Conservation Weekly Scout Reports
Conservation Field (Unit) Orders
Conservation Production Audit Cards
Conservation Well Records and Permits (Currently only wells permitted on or after 12/1/1999)
Conservation Maps
Engineering Division
  Drilling/Workover Rig Movement Notification Report   Word  
  Landowner Affidavit of No Objection for Passive Pit Closure Word PDF
AD Apparent Deviation Excel   PDF
ADC Application for Dual Completion Excel   PDF
AFLN-1 Pre-Entry Notice Affidavit     PDF
COMP Well Completion or Recompletion Report   Word  
CSG-T Casing Test   Word  
DM-4R Work Permit   Word PDF
ENG-15 E&P Waste Containment Structure Notification   Word PDF
ENG-15C Exploration & Production Waste Unauthorized Discharge/Disposal Notification   Word PDF
ENG-15C (Instructions)     PDF
ENG-16 Oilfield Waste Disposition   Word PDF
ENG-16 (Instructions)     PDF
ERADS Enhanced Recovery Annual Data Sheet Excel   PDF
ERQ Enhanced Recovery Questionnaire Excel   PDF
FS-Rules Financial Security Rules     PDF
FS-PBMW Performance Bond     PDF
FS-LCMW Irrevocable Letter of Credit     PDF
FS-CDMW Pledge of Certificate of Deposit     PDF
FS-ExA10 Exhibit "A" - Blanket – 10 Wells     PDF
FS-ExA25 Exhibit "A" - Blanket – 25 Wells     PDF
FS-ExAFt Exhibit "A" - Multi-Well - By Footage     PDF
FS-AmdExA Exhibit "A" - Amendment   Word  
GR-10 Application for Permit to Drill for Geothermal Resources (Short Form) Excel   PDF
GR-10-1 Application for Permit to Drill for Geothermal Resources (Long Form) Excel   PDF
MD-10-R-1 Application for Permit to Drill for Minerals Excel    
MD-10-R-A-1 Application to Amend Permit to Drill for Minerals Excel    
MD-10-R-AO Optional Application to Amend Operator Excel    
OR-1 Organization Report for Operators & Transporters Excel    
OSR-OR-1 Oilfield Site Restoration Contractor Organization Report   Word PDF
P&A Plug and Abandon Report Excel   PDF
PLT-1 Packer Leakage Test Form Word PDF
PS-1 Packer Certificate Word
PR Potential Report Excel   PDF
R-4 Operators Certificate of Compliance and Authorization to Transport Oil From Production Facility Excel   PDF
SC-APP Site Clearance Verification Application   Word PDF
SC-VER Site Clearance Verification Report   Word PDF
STRP-Memos Office Policy Memos for the Severance Tax Relief Program (STRP)     PDF
STRP-IW Severance Tax Relief Program form for Inactive Well Excel   PDF
STRP-ND Severance Tax Relief Program form for New Reservoir Discovery Excel   PDF
STRP-DW Severance Tax Relief Program form for Wells Deeper than 15,000 ft. T.V.D. Excel   PDF
STRP-HW Severance Tax Relief Program form for Wells Drilled with an 80 degree or greater hold for 50 feet or more Excel   PDF
STRP-3-D Severance Tax Relief Program form to apply 3D costs to a number of wells Excel   PDF
STRP-WCS Well Cost Statement Excel   PDF
Well Cost Statement (Instructions)     PDF
TC-1 Tubingless Completion Form Excel   PDF
WH-1 Well History and Work Resume Report Excel   PDF
WH-1 Supplemental Page 3 (Only required for Hydraulically Fractured wells)   Word PDF
WR-1 Inactive Well Report Excel   PDF
29-D-1 Application for Surface Commingling of Oil and Gas Production   Word  
9604 Site Specific Trust Account Form Word PDF
9604-1 Site Specific Trust Account Reassessment   Word PDF
Environmental Division
Ground Water Resources Program
GWR-01 Water Well Notification Form   Word PDF
GWR-03 Area of Concern Monthly Ground Water Usage Report     PDF
GW-1 Water Well Registration LONG Form   Word PDF
GW-1S Water Well Registration SHORT Form   Word PDF
GW-2 Water Well Plugging and Abandonment Form   Word PDF
VR Water Well Variance Request   Word PDF
WWT Water Well Transfer Document   Word PDF
Green Book Construction of Geomechanical Boreholes & Ground Water Monitoring Systems Handbook     PDF
Exploration & Production Waste Section
UIC-19 Commerical Facility Monthly Report of Waste Receipts   Word PDF
UIC-20 Commerical E&P Waste Facility Inspection & Test Report      
UIC-21 Commercial Class-II Daily Monitor Log     PDF
UIC-23 Request to Transport E&P Waste to Commercial Facilities or Transfer Stations   Word PDF
UIC-26 Waste Refusal Notification   Word PDF
UIC-28 Exploration and Production Waste Shipping Control Ticket     PDF
UIC-29 Authorization for After Hours Disposal of E&P Waste   PDF
EP-OR-1 Organization Report for Off-Shore/Out-of-State Operators & Commercial Disposal Facilities ONLY   Word PDF
LABMAN Laboratory Procedures for Analysis of E&P Waste     PDF
CF-APP Commercial E&P Waste Facility Permit Application   Word PDF
Geological Division
Estimated Economic Impact Statement   Word PDF
Injection & Mining Division
UIC-1 Class-I Injection Well Application     PDF
UIC-2 SWD Class-II Injection Well Application   Word PDF
UIC-2 EOR Class-II EOR Application     PDF
UIC-2 HSW Class-II Hydrocarbon Storage Well Application     PDF
UIC-2 COM Class-II Commercial Injection Well Application   PDF
UIC-2 SFI COM Class-II Commercial Slurry Fracture Injection Well Application     PDF
UIC-3 BR Class-III Brine Extraction Well Application   Word PDF
UIC-4 Class-II Hydrocarbon Storage Inspection Form CES Use Only
UIC-5 Class-II Well Integrity Affidavit     PDF
UIC-6 Class-I Well Integrity Affidavit     PDF
UIC-7 Class-II Injection Well Inspection Form CES Use Only
UIC-8 Class-I Injection Well Inspection Form CES Use Only
UIC-9 Class-II Annular Saltwater Disposal Well Application     PDF
UIC-10 Instructions for Online Filing   Word PDF
UIC-10 Annual Disposal/Injection Well Monitoring Report Excel Word pdf
  UIC-10A: Source Fluid Attachment Excel    
  UIC-10A: Report, Attachment, and Instructions     PDF
UIC-11 Mechanical Integrity Noncommercial Class II Daily Monitor Log     PDF
UIC-13 Community Saltwater Disposal System Initial Notification   Word PDF
UIC-14 Application for Subsurface Disposal of Reserve Pit Fluids     PDF
UIC-17 Injection Well Work Permit     PDF
UIC-24 Class-I Quarterly Report     PDF
UIC-25 Class-V Well Application     PDF
UIC-30 Work permit to Plug & Abandon a Well utilized for NORM disposal     PDF
UIC-32 Class-II Injection Well Application to Change Disposal/Injection Zone   Word PDF
UIC-33/34 Class-III Injection Well Daily Monitoring Log   Word PDF
UIC-36 Injection Pressure & Rate Monitoring Log     PDF
UIC-38 Class-III Brine Well Inspection Form CES Use Only
UIC-39 Inspection Narrative Form CES Use Only
UIC-42 Class-V Well History and Work Resume Report     PDF
UIC-43 Class-II E&P Waste Disposal in a Salt Cavern Applicaiton     PDF
UIC-P&A Injection Well Plug and Abandonment Report     PDF
UIC-WH1 Well History & Work Resume Report for Injection Wells     PDF
OR-1 Organizational Report Excel   PDF
RTS-PIT RTS: Guidelines & Procedures for Annular Disposal of Pit Fluids     PDF
RTS-ANN RTS: Guidelines & Procedures for Annular Saltwater Disposal Wells     PDF
RTS-T&P RTS: Guidelines & Procedures for Disposal Wells Completed w/Tubing and Packer     PDF
RTS-PKR RTS: Guidelines & Procedures for Packerless Disposal Wells     PDF
RTS-TDS RTS: Time Drive Supplement     PDF
RTS-LOG RTS: Log Sheet     PDF
CBL Cement Bond Logging Guidelines     PDF
CSG-T Affidavit of Test of Casing in Well   Word PDF
CSG-TSC Affidavit of Casing Test for Salt Cavern Wells   Word  
Pipelines Division
Gas & Hazardous Liquids
Failure Investigation Report   Word PDF
Notice of Construction   Word PDF
Operator Qualification Inspection Form   Word PDF
Operator Qualification Protocols   Word PDF
OQ Protocol 9 Field Inspection Form   Word PDF
Pipe Data and Operating Stresses Form   Word PDF
Gas Distribution
Incident Report Form   Word PDF
Incident Report Form (Instructions)   Word PDF
OQ Guide for Small Distribution Systems   Word PDF
Gas Transmission
Incident Report Form   Word PDF
Incident Report (Instructions)   Word PDF
Hazardous Liquids
Accident Report Form   Word PDF
Accident Report Form (Instructions)   Word PDF
Integrity Management Inspection Form (Small Operators)   Word PDF
Regulations & Enforcement
Drug and Alcohol Regulations   Word PDF
Gas Enforcement Policy   Word PDF
Gas Regulations   Word PDF
Hazardous Liquid Regulations   Word PDF
Hazardous Liquid Enforcement Policy   Word PDF
PLS-OR-1 Organization Report Excel   PDF
Pipeline Safety Inspection Forms     PDF
Pipelines Operations
Forms below are to be used in connection with an application hearing.
  2014 Pipeline Hearing Schedule & Application Deadlines     PDF
  Interested Party List     PDF
CNG-100 CNG Facility Construction, Aquisition or Replacement   Word PDF
CNG-101 Change in CNG Service   Word PDF
CNG-102 Abandonment of CNG Service and/or Facility   Word PDF
CNG-200 CNG Incident and/or Accident Report   Word PDF
PL-1(A) Application for Abandonment of Facilities   Word PDF
PL-1(B) Application for Abandonment of Services   Word PDF
PL-2 Application for Approval to Interconnect Pipelines   Word PDF
PL-3 Brief of Contract for Intrastate Natural Gas   Word PDF
PL-3 (EN) Expedited Notice - Contract for Intrastate Natural Gas   Word PDF
PL-4 Application for Construction, Acquistion or Replacement of Facilities   Word PDF