Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

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Office of the Secretary

Management & Finance
Contracts & Grants Division

Renita Hoskins
Contracts & Grants Administrator

617 North Third Street
P.O. Box 94396
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9396
Voice 225.342.4513
FAX 225.342.8700

The Contract and Grants Management Division prepares and processes all DNR contracts and coordinates contractor selection to ensure that contractual obligations are entered into in full compliance with departmental policies, Division of Administration Office of Contractual Review (OCR) regulations, and applicable laws.

The division operates a monitoring system to review and evaluate contractor performance and delivery of services in coordination with program managers. The Division also coordinates all federal funding assistance agreements for the Department.

Advertisements and Successful Proposers

Request for Proposals (RFP), Solicitation for Proposals (SFP), and Request for Statement of Interest and Qualifications (RSIQ) will be advertised here and the successful proposer(s) will be posted here at the time of selection.


Number Description Closing
RFP 2514-14-06

Program and Project Management Services in Support of the Project Management Division for the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority 

Attachment III, Sample Contract - Appendix E, DBE Procurement Form, Page 34 

RFP 2503-14-40 General Real Estate & Oyster LeaseAdobe Acrobat (PDF) 12/27/13 Stegall, Benton & Associates
RFP 2503-14-08 RESTORE Act Center of ExcellenceAdobe Acrobat (PDF)
Q&AAdobe Acrobat (PDF)
01/06/14 The Water Institute of the Gulf
RFP 2503-13-67 Environmental Science Consulting ServicesAdobe Acrobat (PDF)
Q&AAdobe Acrobat (PDF)

CH2M Hill Engineers, Inc.
Moffatt & Nichol
Royal Engineers
Tetra Tech, Inc.
URS Corporation

RFP 2503-13-37

Financial Services AssistanceAdobe Acrobat (PDF)
Attachment IV Cost SheetAdobe Acrobat (PDF)
Addendum Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
Addendum IIAdobe Acrobat (PDF)
Addendum IIIAdobe Acrobat (PDF)
Pre-Proposal Conference TranscriptAdobe Acrobat (PDF)
Pre-Proposal Conference Sign In SheetAdobe Acrobat (PDF)
Q&AAdobe Acrobat (PDF)

Information Services Group




RFP 2503-13-36
Professional Oyster BiologyAdobe Acrobat (PDF)
Q&AAdobe Acrobat (PDF)

T. Baker Smith

RFP 2503-13-34
Professional Land ServicesAdobe Acrobat (PDF)
Q&AAdobe Acrobat (PDF)
1/22/13 CSRS
GCR, Inc.

RFP 2503-12-34

Economic Evaluation of Coastal Land LossAdobe Acrobat (PDF)
AddendumAdobe Acrobat (PDF)
Q&AAdobe Acrobat (PDF)

5/7/12 RAND Corporation
RSIQ 2503-14-51

Engineering Services for CPRA 
Enclosure 3 CPRA 24-102 
Instructions for Enclosure 3 

5/9/14 Arcadis U.S., Inc.
Atkins North America, Inc.
BCG Engineering & Consulting, Inc.
Baird & Associates, Ltd.
Coast & Harbor Engineering
Coastal Engineering Consultants, Inc.
C.H. Fenstermaker & Associates, LLC
GEC, Inc.
Lonnie G. Harper and Associates, Inc.
Providence Engineering & Environmental Group, LLC
Royal Engineers and Consultants, LLC
RSIQ 2503-14-52 Surveying Services for CPRA
Enclosure 3 CPRA 24-102
Instructions for Enclosure 3 
5/9/14 Chustz Surveying, inc.
Morris P. Hebert, Inc.
RSIQ 2503-14-53 Geotechnical Services for CPRA
Enclosure 3 CPRA 24-102
Instructions for Enclosure 3 
5/9/14 Ardaman & Associates, Inc.
Engineering Services for CPRAAdobe Acrobat (PDF)
Enclosure 3 CPRA 24-102Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
Q&AAdobe Acrobat (PDF)

Ben C. Gerwick, Inc.
HDR Engineering, Inc.
HNTB Corporation
Moffatt & Nichol
Neel-Schaffer, Inc.
Stanley Consultants
Stantec Consulting Services

Geotechnical Services for CPRAAdobe Acrobat (PDF)
Enclosure 3 CPRA 24-102Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
Q&AAdobe Acrobat (PDF)
6/3/13 GeoEngineers, Inc.
Surveying Services for CPRAAdobe Acrobat (PDF)
Enclosure 3 CPRA 24-102Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
Q&AAdobe Acrobat (PDF)
6/3/13 C&C Technologies
John Chance Land Surveyors, Inc.
Lonnie G. Harper & Associates, Inc.


State Energy Program Grant AssistanceAdobe Acrobat (PDF)
03/06/13 Catherine Lam




If your company is Certified as a Small Entrepreneurship you will need to apply as a potential vendor. For more information, visit the Louisiana Department of Economic Development's Hudson Initiative page.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program

The DBE Program is an outreach, education, and goaling program designed to increase the participation of the DBEs in procurements funded by EPA assistance agreements. The EPA DBE Program encompasses many of the components of the former MBE/WBE Program and includes many new features.

In compliance with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Utilization of Small, Minority, and Women’s Business Enterprises, in procurement under assistance agreements, DNR provides the opportunity of award of a fair share of contracts/ procurements to small, minority and women’s businesses that have been certified through the Small Business Administration. This policy applies to all contracts/procurements for supplies, construction, equipment and services under any EPA grant or cooperative agreement. DNR’s goals established as negotiated with EPA and the Department of Environmental Quality for fiscal year 2014, and effective for the next three federal fiscal years, are as follows:

Category Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Women Business Enterprise (WBE)
Construction 13.0% 9.0%
Supplies 7.0% 7.0%
Equipment 3.6% 5.0%
Services 21.0% 17.0%

In order to assist small, minority and women’s businesses to access information, DNR is providing the following links: